Asociación de PYMES del Municipio de Pájara


The Association Altaba, is formed by its associated companies. Its governing bodies are elected by the members that make up the Association through free and secret suffrage. These members can access all charges on equal terms.


Its governing bodies are:

General Assembly: Sovereign body of the Association which is composed of all associated companies.

Board of Directors: Permanent organ of Government, management and administration of the Association. It consists of three members elected in accordance with their statutes.


This Board of Directors aims to try to correct the numerous problems that can affect their associates, serving as a platform for consensus and link between companies located in the municipality and the municipality of Pajara.


With this maxim, remain frequent meetings with representatives of various departments of our city, as well as with the ministries of the Cabildo and the Canary Islands Government, in order to raise those malfunctions and deficiencies that still occur in our municipality.

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